File Manager

Assasin RAT comes with builtin File Manager through which you can manage the files of target, following are key features of Assasin:

- Files can be copied to your computer

- Run a file of target

- Transfer File from your computer to target

- Explore Images/files of target from your computer



Live Remote Desktop

Another feature of Assasin RAT is its live desktop, you can see the live of view of target, through which you can feel the power of being in computer in sometime you feel power more than the real user of target computer. Another key feature of that option is that target user is logged in (normally in windows remote desktop user is logged out), you can see what the user is doing.



Detailed List of All Targets

You can manage the detailed list of all targets, there is full ist of all your targets you can perform action by right clicking the target and start the fun!

These actions can be Logging Keys. Remote Dektop. Webcam, Sound Capture, Shutdown/Restart.



Live WebCam Preview

Another fun feature of Assasin RAT is Online Live Preview of Target WebCam, you can feel it power that not only you can see the live view of target computer but also the live picture of target, check what he is doing and how he looks like.

Evil/Hidden RDP

You can control target pc screen in hidden session ;)


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